Our founder, Al Bolduc,
Graduated from Trinidad State Jr College in 1974 with a degree in gunsmithing. He ran a part-time gunsmithing business until 1983 when he was able to turn his part-time shop into a full-time business. Soon after, an additional full-time gunsmith was hired and retail storefront added. Al continued his successful full-line gunsmithing, custom guns, antique restoration, and retail store until 1994, when he relocated to beautiful Northwest Arkansas. Al has retired from gunsmithing to focus on the sale of gun parts. Under Al’s leadership his team is very well versed in many of the variations of each model and can help with the acquisition of the correct gun part needed. In 2010 Al’s son, Evan, joined the business after graduating from the University of Arkansas. He oversees the technology, marketing, and the logistics facets of the business. Evan also handles most of the responses to the many email questions we receive. Our staff strives to provide our customers with good information, correct parts, shipped safely – and on time.  Don’t forget, we not only sell thousands of gun parts – we purchase thousands as well. If you have a small lot or a gun shop full: we are interested. Feel free to e-mail or call us with any questions.